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Possible? 2x Homes Same Command do Different things?


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Realize that this isn't necessarily an ISY question but figured someone may have researched some way to make this happen - 


I can say "raise the blinds" received by my living room google home and it raises the living room blinds. I just got a Google home mini for my bedroom and i would like to say the same thing - "raise the blinds" but in this case it would be received by the mini in the bedroom and raise the bedroom blinds is this possible in any way?


In my setup the "raise the blinds" command is using IFTTT/Google Assistant Applet triggering a program on the ISY (network resource) via the portal and IFTTT maker channel. I realize I could just add "raise the X blinds" but being able to trigger commands based on the device its received would take this next level.

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This is supposed to work now that you can add a Google Home device to a room, and add the home control device to a room. But I haven't tried it because we can't set rooms in the portal so you would have to add them to the room each time you link and unlink Home to the Portal.


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I'm not sure that works. This would use a different setup, not using IFTTT which I am ok with.. I make a program for lets say 'bedroom blinds' assign the network resource for OPEN to the THEN and the CLOSE network resource to the ELSE.  Then assign the Program in the Google Home app to a specific room - in this case 'bedroom'?


Do you know if I would be able to say "Open" and "Close the blinds", or do i have to say "Turn On the bedroom" and "Turn Off the bedroom"?  That seems less intuitive than "Close the Bedroom Blinds"


Also, can you tell Google Home to recognize a program in the portal as a particular device.. in this case blinds?

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