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How does Google Home compare to Amazon Alexa?


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Personally, I like Google Homes voice recognition much better. It also recognizes each family member separately, which is nice.



However, there are some integrations that are only available on Alexa. I think Google Homes integration with IFTTT is much better than Alexa’s - somewhat making up for that.


We switched because we subscribe to Google Play - and that does not work so well on Alexa...

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I find that google voice recognition is better than Alexa dot.  While I have a couple of the full size Alexa units, the one I use mostly for random tasks is one of my dots.  Reason being is that I use the audio output jack on it, which the full size one doesn't have (nor does the google home).


Google has a lot nicer integration with IFTTT.  You don't have to say "trigger" and there are more options for varying the exact words, as well as varialbe substitution (which if memory serves me you can't do with Alexa).

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