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Aeotek LED Bulb Setting Solid Color


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Is anyone using the Aeotek multi-color bulb?




I have several of these with firmware 1.05 and ISY latest 4.x stable.


I am able to manually set the parameters for color with the REST api.


My issue is I want to use single color, and cannot get it to be a solid color.  No mater what I do I end up with a type of pulsating light where it fades the color on and off.


I attached my current set of parameters in the vendor provided spreadsheet  from their help site.

(open the sheet, the text is for older bulb firmware)



Edit:  Can't upload an Excel file.  Parameters below:


parameter 37











Is anyone using these and able to get a solid color with no fade in/out?  Thanks

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I heard back from aeoteck,  turns out to do a regular solid color you can't use parameters, but have to use the ZWave color command codes.  Which I was told is only in 5.x  (I'm running 4.x stable).


So follow up question, is it possible to set ZWave codes like ZWave parameters?

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why don't you update to 5.x then that will solve your problem, I've been on 5 for a really long time now and there's really no issues at my end with ISY functionality, I did the upgrade exactly because of that light bulb and Fibaro rgbw controller

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Thanks, I'll look at doing that.  I wanted to use the Fibaro RGBW controller eventually also.  If it's really been stable for you I'll check it out.


Is the APIs the same?  That is will MobiLinc and any custom REST I have done still work?  It just has new API's ?

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