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Like A Brand New Toy

Dr. Q

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Enough lurking, it's time I speak up...

I've been rocking ISY/Insteon for ~ 15 years, and I've been slowly adding Z-wave to the mix ever since it became available. Except for the occasional PLM flameout, a stable system, 4.6.2. But I needed some more excitement in my life, so I decided to stop being patient and load up 5.0.10. Boy, am I glad I did! The new Adjust Scene was worth it alone, major WAF scores! The Schlage 469 lock also seems to behave itself better than on 4.6.2.


This weekend, I took a stab at running Polyglot on my Mac home server, since I had a stash of Hue lights I've been playing with the last few years and have wanted to control with ISY this past Halloween. I've had some experience using Terminal to log into RPis, but I was nervous mucking around in the Mac that way. With the help of i814u2 (thanks again, man), I have it up and running, and making the neighbors nervous with the porch light. Loads of fun!


(As I was in the middle of this process, I saw that v2 has dropped; I'm standing by and hoping for a Hue update with special effects access and a .osx.x86_64 version).


Now that I've had some time to stand back and look at all this, I'm delighted and amazed! The Polyglot upgrade cost me nothing but a few hours on a weekend, and now I have a highly programmable HA hub that speaks Insteon, Z-wave, Hue and even X-10 if I wanted to dig my old Radio Shack stuff out. There's nothing else on the market like it! It may not be pretty, and maybe you have to get your geek on to do some of this, but it's only getting better. We've only scratched the surface.



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