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NodeLink: Latest Version v0.11.3


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NodeLink is a console application (runs on a networked computer) which allows communication between various devices and an ISY-994i with firmware >=V5.
NodeLink is a Node Server which creates nodes (virtual devices) within the ISY.
NodeLink runs on a networked computer (Windows, linux, OSX, etc.) running 24-7 w/ NodeLink installed and requires .NET 5.0 runtime or greater be installed.
More info and downloads can be found here
Brief NodeLink guide can be found here
Help for installing NodeLink on a Raspberry Pi can be found here

0.11.3 (2022-02-09)
- Fixed an auto-update issue introduced in v0.11.1
- Changed nodedef ISY call to all lowercase (to support polisy)
- GEM: Added support for all binary formats
- GEM: Added ability to relay binary to Home Assistant
0.11.2 (2022-02-05)
- Added the ability to disable the ISY connection (useless to anyone but me)
- Caller ID: Added Android TV
- Changed nodedef ISY call to lowercase (to support polisy)
- Allow for NET major upgrade
0.11.1 (2021-02-06)
- Weather: Fixed saving of API key
- Weather: Fixed web config page error
- Venstar: Fixed C/F temperature display
- Genmon: Fixed getting Utility Voltage
0.11.0 (2021-01-04)
- Moved to .NET 5
- New device added, Weatherbit (currently very limited)
- WeatherFlow: Fixed pressure report on Air for US
- Tweaks to the restart code
- Removed VB and Linq libraries
- Ecobee: Changed to single node definition for all units
- Ecobee: Adjusted pin refresh
- Ecobee: Updated JSON libraries
- Ecobee: Changed remote sensors to identify by ID
- TCC: Changed to single node definition for all units
- Venstar: Changed to single node definition for all units
- Added relay command to reboot ISY
- CID: Added delay before sending init command on connection
- GEM: Added support for format 3
- GEM: Fixed Wh calc on formats that don't supply it
- GEM: Separated runtime data into a separate data.xml file
- GEM: Added ability to limit the frequency of runtime data saves to disk
- GenMon: Updated JSON libraries
- Removed "nodeType" parameter from definition files (wasn't used)
- Added the ability to set a custom log directory
- Fixed issue (reliability) updating NodeDef files

For previous version release notes see the change log built into NodeLink.

v0.2.0 (2015-11-06)
- Initial public release

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v0.10.1 released.

NodeLink has now move to .NET Core 3.0.  Previously versions of NodeLink will not automatically upgrade to this version.

If running a Pi, the install script can be re-run and the required files will be downloaded.  You configuration will remain intact.

If you are manually installing, you need to download the new zip file and install NET Core 3.0 runtime.

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