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Replace 2413S with 2413U...


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I have a 2413S that doesn't function...ISY994I error with no communication with PLM. Date code is 1408, lasted about 3 years, so right on schedule. Amazon is out of the 2413S, they only have the 2413U, which it says I can get quickly, maybe tomorrow.

I have a 2413S on order from smarthomes but the 2413S Power supply repair thread got me to wondering if it's feasible to replace the daughter board from my 2413S on a USB version. If this were possible I could be back up and running rather quickly as opposed to wait for the smarthomes one to get delivered.

I suspect there are lots of caveats with something like this, ie: In my case I'm not even sure if my serial daughter board is in good working order or not. I assume the logic and address of the device is located on the daughter board?

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It maybe possible.

We had a report of someone taking a serial daughter board out of the Smartenit version of a 2412S PLM into a 2413U and it functioned. Even though the 2412 has a slower memory speed, link database size and provides power to the ISY994i.

You are correct on the 2413S serial daughter board. It has the Link Database memory on it. If you move it from the 2413S to the 2413U chassis. The Link Database will still be there. But the six digit Insteon ID will be different. So you would have to follow the information on how to replace the PLM. It will also identify as a 2413U as its Category and Subcategory it reports will still be for a 2413U. I don't believe the ISY994i uses the information as other controllers or software may.

I don't think I would buy a new 2413U to try this but if you have one already. It maybe worth a try and I had a good back up in case of things going south.

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2 hours ago, JohnyWalter said:

I just want to replace my defective 2414u controller.
At the moment I do not intend to add more new insteon product, I just want to future proof the replacement controller.

The ISY requires the 2413S PLM, which has a serial interface

The 2414U has  a USB interface which is not compatible with the ISY. What are you using it on?


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The 2414U is the old Power Line Controller. That could have programs downloaded to it and has a real time clock chip in it. It has been discontinued for a long time now. It can not be replaced with any of the 2412S/U or 2413S/U Power Line Modems. They are not compatible with software using the PLC or programs you could download to it. It may  have a bad capacitor in it or maybe a dead wired in Lithium Battery. You may  find some used ones on some auction sites or someone with one removed from service. The Icon style 2814U can also be used in places that used the 2414U. It just has no pass through AC outlet on the front cover.

As pointed out. If you have any model ISY26/ISY99i/ISY994i. You need a 2412S or 2413S PLM.

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