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ISY994i ZW blinking red light

Steve Friedman

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I purchased an ISY994i ZW about a year ago and have had it running for a few months now. I have been using MobiLinc Pro with it and its been working pretty well. Yesterday, I realized that my programs hadn't run and I found that the error light was blinking red. Researching this on google I found that it may be that the sd card may not be seated properly. When I removed the cover over the SD slot and tried to pop out the card I can push it in a little bit but it comes back to the same location rather than popping in/out. Is it supposed to be like that? Do you need tweezers or something to get it out? I also found that a factory reset could solve the problem but that doesn't seem to work either - I held down the reset pin for more than 30 seconds and all the lights alternate between blinking together and sequencing off/on. I didn't find that the all shut off and only the memory light blink. Perhaps I was reading how-to for another model.

Does anyone have any information on what I can do to fix it? Should I get a new SD card?




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The ISY994i does not require you to remove the cover.  Though the Wiki page shows the cover removed. May not be needed now but could be easier.

The Micro SD Card is accessed through the front panel. Behind the snap in cover over it. It does not use the type socket where you push it in and then pops out when released. You have to gently pull it out with a tweeter and not drop it into the case. Personal experience on fumbling it.  :oops:


The UDI Wiki is a great pace to find information.




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