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Aeotec Doorbell Ver 5 as annunciator


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I have had an Aeotec doorbell  (ver 5) for some time. never got around to using it. Now I am in a new place and setting upHA all over again, and decided to play around with it. My impression? I am not a huge fan of it as a doorbell. It is too quiet for my old ears for one, and the max db level is only 85.

BUT, what i did not know, is that it can actually play "canned" MP3 recordings (max length as yet unknown). In my old setup I played with voice control, and learned how to take typed text and turn it into synthesized speech, so already had quite a number of canned phrases, and some responses, to be triggered by a voice input or other appropriate means. I thought to myself "HEY, this could work as an annunciator"! Forget the doorbell.

Has anyone played around with this?  I an finding little info; ex, although I can find the configuration parmeters, nowhere canI find a) max playback length;  or B) how the mp3's, once loaded into the "siren/speaker" flash memory are numbered for addressing.  I have yet t figure out the best way to play a given MP# on demand, though I see some have used resources, and others serial setting of the configuration parameters.

Love to hear from anyone who has "been there,done that".

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