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Zwave upgrade module


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Guest Asbril

I suggest that you look up the forum topic on 5.0.12 and read about which Zwave devices work or not.

I have 60+ Zwave devices and they all work fine, but some devices may not have an optimum performance. Because there are multiple Zwave manufacturers there may be some devices with compatibility issues. However by far most Zwave devices will work.

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There is no list of devices that work, because devices are coming out all the time.

The ISY supports certain zwave profiles - and the profiles available expand with newer versions of ISY. UDI can help with that. I think that would make a good wiki page.

Devices support certain profiles. The device vendor can help with that. Most publish this information.

Ensure that all profiles the device needs to operate are supported by the version of ISY firmware you are using and the device will work.

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