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Getting Bad Request when I use a hostname. (400)


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Just noticed yesterday that when I try to bring up the nodelink website with a hostname it is failing.   The host is resolving fine via DNS supplied by pfsense and when I use IP:port address it also works fine.    

http://cairo:8090/index.htm returns:

Connection →close
Content-Length →35
Content-Type →text/html; charset=utf-8
Date →Sun, 01 Apr 2018 14:18:10 GMT
Server →Mono-HTTPAPI/1.0

Status: 400 Bad Request
Body: <h1>Bad Request (Invalid host)</h1>


2018-04-01 08:58:42 - ISY NodeLink Server v0.9.12 started [4]
2018-04-01 08:58:42 - Mono version: (tarball Thu Mar 29 12:41:14 UTC 2018)
2018-04-01 08:58:42 - Web config server started (http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8090)


let me know if you can reproduce.


Bill B.


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DNS resolution is really out of the picture by now.   The local webserver is not liking the hostname vs ip.   DNS already occurred locally via the local DNS server (pfSense)  to resolve the host name to ip and then connect to the server on the client side.


Bill B.


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