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Discontinued Smarthome 75790 Cameras Fail to Port forward


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Wondering if anybody on the Forum happened to buy any of the Smarthome 75790 cameras when they were discontinued last fall.  I have 9 of these cameras that I have purchased over the past few years and they all would port forward for me using either my IPAD or my IPhone 7.   I bought 5 of them this fall giving two to my brother.  Neither of us are able to port forward live video from these cameras. 

When trying to connect to these cameras outside of the LAN and using Safari, the system indicates that it could not connect to the server.  When trying one of my older cameras, they connect just fine.  The cameras work fine using Wifi on my local network.

I have reverted back to old firmware and UI but that did not help.

Wondering if anyone else bought any of these cameras.  I think I bought the last two for $18 a piece so not out a lot of money but still would like to get them to work. 

Any thoughts, help or suggestions would be appreciated. 


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