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All On question


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I recently suffered an "All On" event and am trying to reduce the impact of another "All On" event in the future.

For example, I have replaced my IOLincs controlling the garage door and low voltage gas fireplaces with Global Cache relays (GC-100-12).

I'd like to continue using my IOLinc to control my main water line (being a single pole double throw relay, it is ideal for this purpose). Right now I have several leak sensors manually linked to the IOLinc so the water shuts off if any of them get wet. This link is independent of the ISY.

Would the following setup prevent this IOLinc from getting an "All On" signal, but still allow RF signals to reach the IOLinc?

Wall Jack --> FilterLinc --> IOLinc --> Plugin Dimmer

Would the Plugin Dimmer transmit an "All On" signal to the IOLinc if the IOLinc is not associated with the ISY PLM?

I'd be using the plugin dimmer only to relay RF signals to the isolated IOLinc and would not connect it to a load.

Thanks for your help,


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Hi Ben

What you described in your setup will allow the iolinc to receive Insteon signals, but I would not expect it to change how many 'all on's you're experiencing. The 'all on' travels via RF as well.

The 'all on' is considered less about random noise or powerline problems and more about Insteon message collisions.  Collisions are considered to be caused by interactions of how ISY programs are written and interact with certain Insteon devices. 

Here is UDIs recommendation for writing ISY programs so that 'All ons' are either minimized or eliminated. This could be any ISY program, especially those that interact with wireless sensors.


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