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Pool Integration - Autelis


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I have read quite a few posts related to this topic but nothing that really answered my question.  So I am hoping someone may have the answer.

My pool is controlled by a Pentair EasyTouch.  Based on what I read, it seems that the best way to integrate my pool control into my ISY is using the Autelis controller (I just ordered one).

How do I actually add the Autelis to the ISY?  Is it discovered like a device?  Is there a step-by-step somewhere?


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There are instructions somewhere in the Autelis Wiki that explains how to set up variables on the ISY and how to check a box on the Autelis to propagate those variables.  This is how the Autelis controller talks to the ISY.  In order to for the ISY to talk to the Autelis, you use Network Resouces.  I think this is covered in the ISY Wiki...  or else the Autelis Wiki...  I forget which. 

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