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Older rev Open/Close sensor not working with KPL LEDS?

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I am using an IOLinc for my garage door control..

But instead of using the "Sensor" part of the IOLinc with a magnetic switch, I instead decided to use an open/close sensor to mimic a "tilt" sensor. I simply tape the smaller part of the switch to the door so that when it opens, it hangs away from the main module. A concept many of you are familiar with.

I also just bought 2 new open/close sensors from smarthome as there was a sale on their site last month.

I always noticed that when I added my original o/c sensors, ISY shows them as

Always wondered why there was no "2" but didn't give much thought

I added the new O/C sensors I bought last month and I see
EntryOCSensor.1 - Door Open
EntryOCSensor.2 - Door Closed
EntryOCSensor.3 - Low Battery
EntryOCSensor.4 - Heartbeat

Showing that missing number "2" and adding a number 1 to the main sensor

I tried removing and re-adding the old O/C sensor but it still only shows those 3 entries.

They are both insteon 2843-222 models.. one is just newer (I dont have the rev info handy at the time of writing)

Leading to my other point about KPL. I was trying to have the old o/c sensors light the LEDs on my KPL.

I added the older Garage door sensor to a scene as the controller for the "G" LED (see attachment). The "G" button is in Non-Toggle mode
But it doesn't update the LED when I open or close the sensor.  I see the update on ISY for the sensor showing "On" or "Off" based on the state, so I know the sensor is working. But the KPL won't update the LED. I am able to use it to trigger my programs in ISY based on state.. just not the LED scene control.

So for kicks, I tried adding the newer o/c sensor to that LED scene.. and it works perfectly, updating the LED status every time I open or close the sensor.

So my question is, do older o/c modules not work with KPL LED scenes for some reason? Is this a known thing?


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Ok after doing a little more research, there is apparently a "jumper" that enabled the "closed" triggering as a separate status. My guess is I want the jumper uninstalled on the older ones. I'll try that later tonight when I get home.


When jumper is installed (default), Open/Close Sensor will send an INSTEON “on” command when it opens and an “off” command when it closes. When jumper is uninstalled (as in Multi-Scene Mode), Open/Close Sensor will activate scene 1 when it opens and activate scene 2 when it closes. NOTE: When installing or uninstalling jumper, remove and replace battery for new jumper setting to take effect


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