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Just started using NodeLink after using DSCLink for several years - so far no issues. One thing I haven't figured out yet is my custom notification for the DSC alarm being disarmed - I have a notification working, but how do I show which user disarmed? With DSCLink it was a variable but with NodeLink it seems to be a node attribute. What's the format for using this in a custom notification?


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Okay, I figured it out. In case anyone else needs to do this, here's what I did in the UDI Admin console in detail:

1. Figure out the node address for your DSC Alarm node under the Main tab where all the nodes are. For me the node name was "DSC Alarm", and when I selected that node, I could see that the node address was "n001_dsc1".

2. Create a notification customization for this alert (under Configuration -> Emails/Notifications/Customizations). I called mine "AlarmDisarmed" and it contains this in the body:

Home alarm disarmed by user ${sys.node.n001_dsc1.GV1} at ${alert.time12} on ${alert.date}.

(GV1 is the node property for the last user to disarm)

3. Make sure you have email notification set up correctly and working under Configuration -> Emails/Notifications -> Settings/Groups. I'm using "Default"

4. Create a program to alert you. I called mine "AlarmDisarmed", and here's the content:

        'DSC Alarm / Partition 1' Status is Disarmed
        Send Notification to 'Default' content 'AlarmDisarmed'
   - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')

Now when I disarm the alarm, I get an email like this:

Home alarm disarmed by user 2 at  5:54:26 PM on 2018/05/04

If you need to figure out the right node property for a different type of node, just use the rest interface in a web browser. I went to:


And was able to see the various properties I could use, though it's not obvious what each one is from this view.

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