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ISY Error, want a double check


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Having a strange problem that I think is on the ISY side but can't nail it down. Starting here to see if you have an suggestions prior to posting this over in 5.0.

I didn't catch when, but sometime in the last week or so my ISY lost the ability to send commands to Nodelink. Nodelink will populate all of the its fields/nodes on the ISY side. Heartbeat is swapping back and forth as it should.. that's why it took a while to catch, none of my normal alerts are sensing a fail to let me know.  My Venstar remote sensors are all sending the correct values through.

I did notice when things like fan mode were not on for my Venstars when I knew they should be. I checked my ISY program state and they showed they were operating correctly.. but the fan wasn't on when it should be.  I went to the AC and sent a command, like turn the fan on manually, it very briefly shows on in the AC, and then flips back to off (previous state). If I press the query button, I get 


My ISY error log is flooded with these that line up with the console message:

Sun 2018/05/13 07:01:59 PM	System	-140008	ISY:401	
Sun 2018/05/13 07:03:59 PM	System	-140008	ISY:401	
Sun 2018/05/13 07:04:50 PM	System	-140008	ISY:401	
Sun 2018/05/13 07:04:58 PM	System	-140008	ISY:401	

I'd send the Nodelink log.. but it shows no errors.  I set the log level to debug for both Nodelink and the Thermostats. This is also affecting the rainmachine, my other NodeLink device. The normal flow of thermostat queries etc.

Things I've tried.

  • Reinstalling nodes (which are all reporting in correctly when there is data to present)
  • Checking config.xml
  • Upgrading ISY from 5.10E to 5.12
  • Downgrading Nodelink to 0.9.12
  • Rebooting / restarting both sides of the equation

I'll probably need to post over in the V5 thread, but wanted to see if anything about this seemed familiar so that I've done what I can to eliminate things on the Nodelink side of the equation.




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