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Micro On/Off ISY Only


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So am I correct that a micro on/off witch will still operate via ISY control if the 'sense' wires are not connected?

I'm thinking about installing a ceiling fan in my office in place of the ceiling light fixture.  The switch box has no neutral, I can just leave the switch ON and install the micro on/off at the fan and let it turn on/off with the motion sensor that controls the floor lamps.

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Yes. You'll want to make sure that its specs. 2000 watts, match the fan. Probably ok but I don't know

In related news, I just bought a dimmer version of it because Smarthome is having a 30% off insteon sale through today. MEM18 is the discount code


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It should.  I haven't checked yet, but that's why I went with the on/off, not the open/close. That's over 2.5 HP.   I went ahead and ordered also, with the 30% off and NO SHIPPING.

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That rating is for *RESISTIVE* loads (e.g. a space heater or automobile block heater).  Check the ratings carefully for *INDUCTIVE* loads, which would be the motor.  (And for completeness, due to the unique characteristics of a tungsten filament light bulb, there's often a different rating for incandescent lighting loads.)

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Ahhh yes, this is true.  I think I've been away from electrical engineering for too long :-)

700W/240VAC Inductive/Capacitive

Should still be fine, but definitely something to look at!


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