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Finding alternate way to Monitor temperature of refrigerator


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I am using Lg refrigerator of 540 Liters which has function to connect the smartphone with NFC functionality, but no one is using that phone in my family

Recently I bought the Wireless Temperature sensor to overcome this issue but I am searching for the better way to connect the wireless sensor with LG app in my smartphone

If its in any case not possible then need to monitor the temperature readings of refrigerator wireless through smart phones and also share the alert notification when ever the fridge left open for more than 2 minutes 

Your Expertise advise to make it functional will be very helpful.

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9 minutes ago, smokegrub said:

I encourage you to take a look at CAO tags. These things do an amazing job monitoring temperature and/or motion including from inside refrigerators/freezers. I love mine.

Ditto on that. I use this to monitor my freezer. Works great. And the light sensor can probably give you a heads up to doors being open before the temp drops significantly. 

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I just added a direct email to wife and myself for my CAO fridge tag based on temperature and light. The KumoApp method would require polling to frequenty and kill the batteries too fast. A 15 minute update is too slow for detecting the fridge door is open.

CAO Tags.

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