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NodeLink.exe stops


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I noticed values were not updating in my ISY and I can not reach it using a web browser..  It appears that NodeLink.exe stops running on on my PI.  The problem started a month or two when I started using NodeLink.  At that time, I only had Genmon running.  I added RainMachine, then a week or so later CAI webcontrol.  I can Putty into the the Pi , then using Mono run NodeLink.exe.

I noticed another topic about leaving the admin console running would cause problems, so I have been careful to close it when not using it.  I am also using MobilLinc on both my IPad and IPhone.

Please give me the steps to take to trouble shoot this.

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I've been noticing too that mono dies unexpectedly recently and have been taking the steps I know to take to try and debug or get logs before posting here.  I start nodelink via a simple rc.local entry to run mono from the RPI directory which is how I've run venlink/nodelink all along. I've been running mprof-report but nothing of interest comes out of it that I know how to do, and I'm not savvy on how to use it.

I recently rebuilt my prod pi from scratch, within the last 6 months, to get it on a new SD card and use the latest mono based on the Nodelink log prompting me to run a more recent version. But I just did a sudo apt-get update/upgrades and there was a considerable amount of updates, especially mono updates.. upgrading ran over 30 minutes which is unusually long.

Given how many mono changes that there are for the rpi, I'm going to reboot after that, give it a week or so and see what happens. I've reset nodelink's display level to debug.  If it happens again I will post some level of details back.


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