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Timed Dimmer setting in a scene


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This topic has been touched on many times and there are some great examples posted.  However I can't make my bedroom light only come on 50% at night.  I have tried multiple variations all without success.   Can somebody Please take a look at the program and tell me what I did wrong?  Thanks in advance!


Night Dim scene - [ID 0007][Parent 0001]

        From    Sunset  +  2 hours  and 30 minutes
        To       6:00:00AM (next day)
        In Scene 'Master Bedroom' Set 'MB Light' 6.5 Sec (Ramp Rate)
        In Scene 'Master Bedroom' Set 'MB Light' 50% (On Level)
        In Scene 'Master Bedroom' Set 'MB light Bath Side' 50% (On Level)
        In Scene 'Master Bedroom' Set 'MB Light' 100% (On Level)

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Changing scene parameters takes quite some time via Insteon's back channel protocol techniques.

Each device involved needs to re-write it's eprom for the link that is changed, after the complex message is transferred from ISY to the devices. Insteon devices were never meant for this kind of interaction. Scenes are supposed to be more permanent presets to avoid so much traffic,  not on the fly settings.

Add a "Wait 2 seconds" between each line and give the eprom time to be re-written by each device and respond to ISY before banging out more long protocol messages.

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