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Alexa not working after Insteon Modem Replacement


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My Insteon modem recently failed and I replaced it today.  I followed the steps to Restore Modem in the wiki instructions and it was successful.  There were failures to communicate to a few devices but after a retry it worked.  All the controls work. I can turn devices on and off via the ISY admin console.  I also did an ISY firmware upgrade.  All good.  I went to the alexa.amazon.com page and installed the v3 skill and also refreshed the 40 odd "devices" which are my insteon lights and custom programs.

When asking Alexa to turn on/off Insteon devices, it says OK but doesn't turn them on/off.

I have some custom programs to control my Sono's.. things like "shower music" or "exercise music" when turns on a particular station in a room.  That works fine.

So, it seems to be communicating between Alexa and ISY but won't do my lights.

Ideas ??




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