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How do I wire this t-stat?


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I'm replacing an older Insteon t-stat with recently purchased 2441TH.
But I seem to have wires with no where to go.
What I get is (as labeled on old t-stat):
  C  (Blue)
  W1 (White)
  W2 (Black)
  Y1 (Yellow)
  G  (Green)

But what do I do with the R (red) wire? Does it tie to the 24RH or Y2 on the new t-stat?  (The old t-stat does not have a Y2 or 24RH on it's screw terminals but it has a R)



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It looks like you have two stages of heat (W1 and W2).  Hook it all up to the new thermostat the same color pattern as the old, except your blue wire is the common (not black as in the Insteon picture) and the black wire is stage two heat (W2), not the orange as shown by Insteon.  If you don't have two stages of heat then I don't know what is up with the black wire.  If you have a heat pump, then you don't have the right thermostat.  The T1800 is switchable for either heat pump or standard based on jumper settings on the main board but the Insteon is not.  Your color pattern appears to be:

Red - 24vac hot

Blue - common  (shown as a black wire by Insteon)

White - heat stage 1

Black - heat stage 2 (shown as orange by Insteon)

Green - fan

Yellow - cool stage 1

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Sorry larryllix, the T-1800 is the old t-stat (as it was wired).  The diagram I added was the new 2441TH. Thank you apostolakisl for confirming where I need to connect the red wire on the new t-stat.  I've completed connections and all seems to function as a thermostat. 

However, now I have a new problem and I am unable to link it to the ISY.  I close this thread and start a new one for that problem.



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