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Inoveli 3-way


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I have different issues that seem to be conflicting.

One of my walls is in concrete and the switch box has no space for a Zwave switch.  That switch is part of a 3-way and some time ago I found out that with a Inoveli switch you can use a normal (non-Zwave) switch for the secondary location (see attached picture). That has worked great.

Since upgrading to 5.0.13C (and now D) I can no longer include or exclude Inoveli switches. I believe others have experienced the same. Eric (Inoveli) sent me a replacement that he had tested himself but unfortunately with same result.

In past few days I experience frequent 'freezes' of the Inoveli switch, meaning that the switch no longer works manually, nor can it be controlled by ISY. This can be resolved by power cycling the specific fuse, but of course I don't like having to do that several times a week.

I now have a conundrum, wanting to replace the Inoveli switch but most likely I can not include a new Inoveli switch.

My question is whether another brand (Homeseer, GE, etc) would work with same wiring between main switch and Non-Zwave normal switch. Does anyone know ?


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