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Portal Problems


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Yesterday morning when I accessed a remotely located ISY using the portal the status of devices did not display. Even when I attempted to turn on a device it failed. I then accessed the ISY with MobiLinc and the status of devices displayed correctly and I could turn devices on and off. A bt later in the day I accessed the ISY using the portal and all was well.

Today, I had the same experience. I can "see" my devices and programs in the Admin Console but cannot interact with them. I will try the portal again later and see if the problem resolves itself as it did yesterday.

Are others experiencing this unusual behavior?

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When you're accessing the ISY remotely through the portal using the admin console, it can be affected by the speed of the internet service to the property. I'm not sure how mobilinc works, but the Admin Console has to down load all of the devices initially, and their statuses. That can take time.  I have had similar experiences at hotels with marginal internet service, and for grins and giggles I tried the AC on gogo on a plane. Sometimes, it takes a while.

Typically ISPs allocate more bandwidth (=speed) to downloads than uploads. This can be a problem for remote use of the Admin console.

One thing to try is to just let the admin console sit for a few minutes after starting it to get everything loaded. Most likely you'll be ok.


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