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Charts not displaying correct data


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I am running v5.0.14. Charts are not displaying correct data. For example, plotting status of a light switch shows no data points on the x axis, and shows a y axis of "0 to 1.05", with a label of "%". Plotting temperature of my zwave thermostat shows no data points, and also has a y axis range from 0 to 1.05, with a label of "current temperature F". Charts have actually not been working right for me for some time now, and I keep hoping that new versions of the firmware/UI will fix the problem. Any pointers on what I might try would be appreciated.

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Hi Bill,

It looks like chart is working for us, so hopefully the following will help us recreate the problem:

- Is this a problem for both Insteon and Z-Wave?

- can you specify an example device type(s) that is giving you the problem (specific product/model number etc. would be most useful)

- Please DM or post a screen shot of the chart


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