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Home remodel


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So after seven long months my home is ready to move back into after a remodel. I have added more Insteon devices to the network and many of the existing devices were reinstalled in different location. I would like to just start over. How do I start anew?

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A common way to do it is

  • Break the project into rooms or functional groups of devices
  • Decide if any programs are still useful and delete the ones that are not (eg same logic but new devices to be added)
  • Do the same for notifications, network resources, variables...eg don't keep "garbage" around 
  • As an alternative to the above three steps, factory reset the ISY... again.. if you don't want any of your old programs, etc

Then, by room or functional group:

  • Factory reset each device
  • Add the device back in to the ISY
  • Build the scenes necessary to support what you're doing
  • Update programs if you kept any that apply
  • Validate that things are working
  • Move on to the next room / function


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I strongly recommend that you create an email address for the house. I would recommend  "streetaddress@gmail.com". Use this for all automation products with the exception of Alexa which you will need your Amazon account for.

I would name every device with a room for example - "Kitchen: Light".

ISY does a factory reset when you add the device so I would not worry about that.

Upgrade to 5.0.14 (you need it for new motions amount other things)

I would recommend that you remove any non Dual Band devices. Your reliability goes up considerably without the older devices.




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