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I've been having some unusual behaviour with a couple of my programs and I'm trying to use the logs to understand how and when things are getting triggered. Unfortunately I'm having a hard time understanding the logs for this purpose -- I see a lot of info around insteon traffic but not much regarding program triggering. Is there somewhere else I can look?



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I don't think program execution is captured in the logs.  For that reason, I created a state variable called "sCodeTrack".  The first statements in the programs that I want to track are "$sCodeTrack=1" followed by "$sCodeTrack=0".  I change the "1" to a different number for each program I'm tracking.  So, for example, if I was tracking two programs, I would set sCodeTrack to 1 for the THEN of Program 1; set it to 2 for the ELSE of Program 1; set it to 3 for the THEN of Program 2; set it to 4 for the ELSE of Program 2.

Changes to state variables are shown in the Event Viewer, so you know exactly when the programs you're tracking are executed.  Note, though, that I said changes to state variables are captured.  What this means is that if a state variable is assigned the same value that it already has nothing will appear in the Event Viewer.  That is why I assign a value to sCodeTrack and then immediately assign the value 0 to sCodeTrack.  This guarantees that if a program is executed twice in a row, both executions of the program will be tracked in the Event Viewer.

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I'm glad Michel chimed in because it made me look at the Log.  In doing so, I realized my post above wasn't correct because although I think of the Event Viewer as the Log, it's not what the Admin Console calls the Log.  So I edited my post above to refer to the Event Viewer instead of the Log.

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