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Bought a house with ISY, I can't login (it won't get an IP address)

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I bought a house from someone who had setup a lot of cool stuff with Smarthome / Universal Devices.  He gave me the IP of the ISY to login to, but it didn't work.  I had lots of other stuff going on (new house and all) so I didn't worry about it since I didn't need it right away.

Fast-forward a year, and about 20% of our light switches have stopped working.  They are dimmable switches and the little status light next to the switch just shows nothing.  Also, a lot of other lights behave weirdly (like turning on a light in one area of the house turns on/off lights in other areas).  So I guess it's time to figure out the ISY.

I have an ISY-994i Pro.  It is plugged in via cable to my router from my cable provider (Spectrum).  The other ethernet cable is plugged into a Smartlabs Power Line modem #2412S which in turn has a Smartlabs access point #2443 plugged into it.  The modem is also plugged into a power outlet (which is live, I've tested it).

When I login to my router's admin console I can see that the ISY is showing up on Port 3 (or Port 4, I've tested different ones) but it doesn't get an IP address.  I'm not sure where to begin with this?  Any pointers?


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