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Google home and other responders


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Is there a way to toggle the state of other responders when the ISY portal for Google home is used?  I can do it with a scene, but Google home cannot dim the scenes (it can only do on/off for scenes).

For example, in my dining room I have the chandelier with a remote switch (no load) across the room.  If I tell Google home to dim it, the remote switch doesn't show the new status.  This is rather annoying, especially when I get into 6-button switches.  For another example, I have several lights in the kitchen/living area that I can turn on/off with buttons on a 6-button switch (A,B,C,D).  When controlling those lights with Google home, the corresponding 6-way buttons don't toggle.  Again, I can do with a scene, but I lose the ability to dim the lights.

I thought about using rooms in Google home (which I already use for grouping room lights) but the rooms are slow as Google seems to have to send the commands multiple times to the ISY so when you ask for it to dim a room with multiple lights, there is a very noticeable delay when the lights dim.

The easy thing would be if Google home could dim the scenes, but since this can't be done, does anyone have any better solutions?  I read one post where someone had used IFTTT, but I don't want to get into other integrations at this point.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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