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All Programs stopped working

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Yesterday all of my programs stopped working. Even when testing by running "run then". (indicator by program stays green like it is running but devices don't respond, also when clicking on stop it stays green) All programs have been running for months with no trouble after replacing with new PLM v2.4 2917. UI and firmware are both  v5.013D. Event Viewer shows  (attached Picture) PLM shows connected Links table shows 90+ links. I used UDI's troubleshooting flowchart to troubleshoot (unplug modem router isy and PLM then powered all back up) still no help. I also tried adding a new program but it did not work either. Is there something else I can try?

Thank you


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Sorry to hear this. Here's a couple of questions:

  • What happened when you tried to add the program? There's another program in the ISY that won't run, or , no program was saved?
  • The level 3 log is empty. That could imply that its not just programs, but the ISY is not picking up insteon network traffic. Can you use the admin console to turn devices on and off, and they respond as expected?


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It may not apply here, but I think that UDI added a condition to the top-level program tree at some point to disable programs during an update.  Below is a condition that I added, but you may want to check that.


But if you're seeing no activity at all at level 3, it sounds more like a PLM issue.

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