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Is my PLM done


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I will try the cable. I can control stuff through the network module. There are lights on the isy. The network cable going from the isy to the router shows 2 green lights but the network cable going to the PLM does not have the green lights. Should there be lights on it. 

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If you go into the  Tools, Diagnostics , PLM Info/Status. What does it say? Should show the six digit ID of the PLM and connected.

See how many links are in the PLM with the Show PLM Link Table choice.

Try powering down the PLM and ISY994i. Then power back up the PLM and let it initialize. Then the ISY994i so it can find the PLM at stratus.

Normally the only light on the front is the power On LED and the RX and TX LEDs will flash when the ISY994i is sending and receiving messages through the PLM.

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The status of PLM shows 6 digit code and connected. PLM links table is empty. Trying restarting both.. keep getting communication errors with each device. As for the lights, I was referring to the back where the network cabales attach. Only the one connected to the router light up.

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Once you open the "Show PLM Links Table" dialog box, you do have to click "Start" to see the links.

If the links in the PLM Links Table are corrupt or missing, you can restore them with a copy of what the ISY thinks should be in the table by using "File>Restore Modem (PLM)".  Before executing a "Restore Modem (PLM)", I would do a full ISY Backup first.

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An empty Link Table is one of the signs of a failing PLM. Try the restore as mentioned. If it works for a short time and then looses the links again. The PLM is on its way out. Two years and a few months of use is a typical time before starting to go bad.

There is a very long thread here on the subject and how some of us have rebuilt ours. https://forum.universal-devices.com/topic/13866-repair-of-2413s-plm-when-the-power-supply-fails/

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