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power failure during wait X (random)


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I have a number of lights that go on and off with random waits while I'm away from home.  What happens to these if I have a power failure or I reboot the ISY during one of these?

For example I have some out side lights that come on from sunset to 11PM.  The else clause has a "wait 1 hour (random)" before they turn off.  Will they just stay on after a power failure during the wait"



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There’s an option on the Configuration tab:

- Catch up schedules at restart -check box

- Missed schedule grace period in minutes and seconds.

you can ask the ISY to travel back in time as far as the value that you set , at restart

i’ve not used that. I try to make my programs as resilient as possible


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The lights should return to their previous state.

If you have 'Configuration/System' the option 'Catch up Schedules at Restart' checked (the default) the ISY will run through your programs. The method isn't perfect, but it is pretty close for most things.

Yes, the Wait will probably restart and it may be an hour before they dim to off.

I use a Repeat Every 40 minutes, followed by a Wait Random 20 minutes, for the duration of the program schedule.

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From the wiki:  

Catch up schedules at Restart - When this box is checked (default) the ISY will attempt to run all programs that are time dependent beginning at midnight until the present time.


I've always been a bit afraid of the system rerunning a bunch programs all in a row - some previously run, some not - after an unexpected interruption.  I'd like to think my programming or the ISY wouldn't do anything unexpected...but, that's why they call it unexpected.  Personally I prefer to run a reboot check each time the system comes up, set a variable as an indicator & let programs decide if they should be (re)run.


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