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how to trigger a Homeseer event

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Are you wanting to trigger the event from the ISY?  You can use the JSON interface to control devices.  You can perform a POST to run an event as well.  However take note that when you run an event "manually" the conditions are ignored and ONLY the ACTIONS are performed.  

To do this look at the docs here:


The pieces you want are:

  • getevents
    • returns a list of all HomeSeer events.  You can run this in your browser and it's pretty ugly.  You can then copy/paste it into a JSON formatter online to make it pretty or into an editor of your choice that formats JSON nicely.  The key pieces you want are GROUP NAME and EVENT NAME
    • Example:
      • {"Group":"Outside Lights","Name":"Outside Lights - Off","id":9,"voice_command":"","voice_command_enabled":false}
  • runevent
    • This is the call you send to HomeSeer to execute the event.  If you're event uses spaces and other characters doing a POST is easier
    • POST Example
      • URL:  <IP>/json
      • Body: {'action' : 'runevent', 'group' : 'Outside Lights', 'name' : 'Outside Lights - Off'}
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