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Trying to link a 2411T IR linc Transmitter Rev 1.45


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Hi Dave

There's 2 methods on the linking menu to add devices

  1. Start Linking - where you tell the admin console to wait for insteon devices to be locally put in set mode
  2. Add New Insteon Device - where you type in the Insteon Address to start the linking conversation from the ISY

Whichever one you tried, try the other one and see what happens


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I tried a V1.A  2411T and got basically the same set of messages you got. Mine was Reason 1. Firmware 4.7.3 as you have.

Start Linking mode. Showed the proper Category and Subcategory 07 03 for the 2411T and a firmware of 4A in the 2411T.

I vaguely remember some post here about 2411T modules. Something about SH had to have a certain firmware in the 2411T to work with an ISY994i. This maybe old now but the UDI wiki says. https://wiki.universal-devices.com/index.php?title=ISY-99i/ISY-26_INSTEON:Linking_an_IRLinc_Transmitter

UDI may have added information on adding a 2411T to your ISY994i system.

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