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3 new 2456S controller /w led strips 'blink' in the off setting


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Everything works fine, on off etc. but as soon as they are in the 'off' mode .. all 3 separate 2456S's b;ink every so many seconds .. quite annoying.

I have a large setup, and everything else is working fine, besides the 3 led strips, i disabled (i think) the load sensing on them, no change.
The led strips are on wall - 2456S - 12V - dimmer - led strips

I tried to remove one of them, one at a time to see if there was one maybe bad, no luck.

Anyone might have an idea what is going on here, how to troubleshoot or how to fix ?

thanks !


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The Appliance module was discontinued and replaced with the on/off module which doesn't have load sensing. Load sensing proved to be problematic in some situations.  Depending on the type load plugged into them, the load could be an issue. try plugging in an incandescent plug and see if the problem persists. I  would replace the modules with the newer on/off modules.

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