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Switch, Remote and Dimmers - scheduling issue question


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I have my master bathroom light programed to be at 100% unless it's from midnight till sunrise the same day, then it's at 20%. It was a pretty simple program, but now I'd like to do the same thing for my night stands; however, this is where I am finding it complicated. 

I have a SwitchLinc on the wall coming into the bedroom, and then a Mini Remote on one of the night stands... and each night stand has a lamp controlled by a LampLinc. The Switch and the Remote are 'controllers' and I have the lamplinc's set to responders. 

I'd like the same program... from midnight to sunrise, the lamplinc's come on at 20%, otherwise they're at 100%. I've tried a few variations of the program and even removed one of the controllers to help isolate the issue. However, I am not able to figure it out; so I thought I'd seek some help if it's even possible with my setup. Really like to know if this is achievable and some pointers if so.


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You haven't given a lot of details about the original program that works or the newer one that doesn't so assumptions are required...

Assuming your original program is modifying a scene to change the brightness level from 100% to 20% between midnight and sunrise and that you're now trying to do that with a scene that includes a SwitchLinc and a Mini Remote as controllers and a LampLinc dimmers as responders then you're probably running into the problem that the Mini Remotes are battery operated and thus are asleep most the time.  What that means is that when midnight comes and you try to change the scene settings, the Mini Remotes are asleep and the scene update fails.  If that's the case then you should see the "1010" icon next to the Mini Remote in the device list indicating that a write to the device failed.  In theory you should be able handle this situation by commanding a "Write Changes" to the device the next time it wakes up.


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I did try to remove the remote from the scene and it still wouldn't work; of course I can try it again. The setup that worked in the bathroom has the switch as a controller, it then updates per the schedule to either 20% or 100%. 

The setup that isn't working has the switch as a controller (skip the remote for now) and the lamplincs as responders; the schedule isn't updating the lamplincs as I'd expect.


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I don't know why it would not be possible.  It should be the same as your working program, except that you have two actions rather than one, since you have two responders (assumed two nightstand lights) rather than one.  If you want to include the mini remote, you would have four actions: two responders to the switch and two responders to the remote.  Exact syntax would depend on whether you are on v4.X or v5.X firmware.  

Like Kclenden says, there are a lot of assumptions here since you provide so few details.  Number of devices involved (one switch, one remote.  Outlets?  Modules?)???   Scene composition?  Post of working program?  Post of failed program?  Are you saving changes to your programs?

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