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Scene works in admin console but not on keypad

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I have multiple lights set to turn off and some turn on for a scene.  If use "on" "off" in admin console, the scene works, but when using the keypad, two of the lights don't turn off and if they are turned off, when I use the scene they turn on.  Any idea what's wrong?

Sounds like the scene controller on the keypad may not be controlling the scene the way you want.

All Insteon devices? (I don’t use z-wave so not sure about that). What firmware are you using? If yes and 4.x, there is a button “copy attributes from scene” that you should see when you click on the scene controller in the admin console. Click on that.

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Trojanhorse and lilyoyo are referencing the fact that responder devices can have different responses to different controllers.  In a scene, there is the "scene" response levels (think of PLM/ISY as a controller device) and you can have other controller devices defined in the scene.  While the response levels to the scene can be correct, the response levels of a given device to the other controller devices can be different.  This is actually a powerful feature of insteon that allows a given device to respond differently to multiple controllers.

Within the scene, click on each controller device and observe the response levels of of the other devices in the scene.  Are they as you want?

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