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Saving logs to a file


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I'm interested in saving the ISY log to a file that I can use to view or store in a database.  My thought would be to have a script run every 5 or so minutes to grab the log via REST.  My concern is that for each call, I'll get a full list of events that are duplicated with the last call.  I guess that my script will need to pull a log file, then dedup what was pulled from the previous call, then save the difference.  Is this a correct assumption or is there a way to just get the last updates to the log?


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So, from what I've been seeing, I need to use websockets to subscribe to the ISY.  I looked at the mentioned libraries.  While the code for Psisy is on Github, I couldn't' find any documentation.  There is a link for information on the library, but the link is dead.  I was able to get ISYlib to work a little bit - wrote a few lines to print print some info on my ISY which worked.  But I'm not a programmer - I have to Google for every line of code I write.  I found the documentation on ISYlib to be extremely light and searching for additional examples both here and on Google came up wanting.  Wondering if there is a source for more documentation on ISYlib - or better yet, anyone have some example code that would do what I'm trying to accomplish? 

Thanks, BS

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