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PolISY bluetooth?


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Yes, it has bluetooth -- like all modern computer wifi/bluetooth combos, it shares the antennae with the wifi.  One could reasonably expect that the antenna issue might affect the bluetooth, but in as much as the bluetooth is not yet enabled on the Polisy, it doesn't matter at this point.  One the driver is sorted out and all that, there should be an update to the Polisy that would enable the bluetooth functionality - no idea when that might be, though.


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Currently, I think that only Presence-Poly is using BT but it only works on an rpi. One nice feature is that Presence-Poly can be configured on several rpis in the same home to give you a very granular personal locations for all of the inhabitants .... for those of you in your 10,000 sqft mansions. (You know who you are. )

As I tell my wife...."I think today I'll be in the East Wing but check Presence-Poly to accurately  locate me before walking a mile" .... LOL

Currently, this poly doesn't work on Polisy but rpis are cheap...

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