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I have a HSM200 that I just set up. This is a Zwave RGB light with various sensors (Motion, lux, temp). Lux and Temp report OK, but I'm looking for some guidance on how to control the light.

In Admin Console, I have a device ZW005_186 which is the COLOR_SWITCH control. It shows three values, R, G and B. For some reason there are three buttons, "fade up", "fade down" and "fade stop", for each of which I can pick a channel (red, green, blue). Clicking on these increases the red/green/blue channel up or down 1 value (and the light responds). So it works, but you can't really set a colour this way.

There are three properties reported, GV2, GV3, and GV4 which correspond like this:

ZW 005 Color Switch/GV4 0   #blue
ZW 005 Color Switch/GV3 0   #green
ZW 005 Color Switch/GV2 0   #red

This is the output of `/rest/zwave/node/ZW005_186/def/get`

<nodedef id="UZW00F4" nls="186">
<st id="GV2" editor="_107_0_R_0_255"/>
<st id="GV3" editor="_107_0_R_0_255"/>
<st id="GV4" editor="_107_0_R_0_255"/>
<cmd id="DON">
<p id="GV2" editor="_107_0_R_0_255" optional="T"/>
<p id="GV3" editor="_107_0_R_0_255" optional="T"/>
<p id="GV4" editor="_107_0_R_0_255" optional="T"/>
<cmd id="FDUP">
<p id="ID" editor="_25_0_S_001C_N_IX_CCI"/>
<p id="STARTLEVEL" editor="_107_0_R_0_255" optional="T"/>
<cmd id="FDDOWN">
<p id="ID" editor="_25_0_S_001C_N_IX_CCI"/>
<p id="STARTLEVEL" editor="_107_0_R_0_255" optional="T"/>
<cmd id="FDSTOP">
<p id="ID" editor="_25_0_S_001C_N_IX_CCI"/>
<cmd id="QUERY"/>
<link linkdef="ASSOC_MC"/>
<link linkdef="ASSOC_CMD"/>
<link linkdef="ASSOC"/>

and the output of `/rest/nodes/ZW005_186`

<node flag="0" nodeDefId="UZW00F4">
<name>ZW 005 Color Switch</name>
<parent type="1">ZW005_1</parent>
<property id="GV2" value="6" formatted="6" uom="107"/>
<property id="GV3" value="0" formatted="0" uom="107"/>
<property id="GV4" value="0" formatted="0" uom="107"/>

I would like to set the RGB value using the REST interface, but so far I can't find any combination of commands that changes anything for this node.

Can anyone shed some light on how to set GV2,3,4 via REST?




Had a brainwave after posting this, and finally figured it out.

The REST command is `/rest/nodes/ZW005_186/cmd/DON?GV2=0&GV3=255&GV4=0` which sets r=0, g=255, b=0 (ie green) or any other rgb combinations. And it works!

Hope this helps someone else out.

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I don't believe I had to do anything. This is a bit of an oddball device though. You can only set 7 colours (ie you can't set any RGB combination, only 7 are allowed). The device has a light sensor, but also emits light - so the sensor picks up it's own light output - weird!

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