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Alexa routine to brighten lights when pause command given


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1 hour ago, Culvdave said:

I'm trying to create a routine where when the pause command is given to Alexa it will  trigger an ISY lighting scene along with pausing tv, problem is Alexa doesn't like "pause" as a phrase for the routine. Is there a way to accomplish this?

Make a program and call it Pause in the ISY Portal. In the program do whatever you want.

Alexa...turn on Pause

On runs then, Off runs Else

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I'm back trying to make this work, when I say "play" the Fire Cube will play content, same when I say  "pause" it will pause content. I'd like Alexa to also run a lighting scene with the command. I made two ISY programs called play and pause that have the lighting scene I want for each command in the programs. When I say "turn on pause" the Fire Cube pauses content and lighting scene in that program is run but when I say "turn on play" just the lighting scene in that program runs and Fire Cube doesn't play content, I'm confused  

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