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Still In The Dark...

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Thanks in advance for any assistance. I replaced the PLM and followed the instructions. for swapping it out. It still appears that I the programs are not running properly.

The lights stayed on all last night and if I attempt to control the light in the 994i Admin console, the lights don't respond. 

Is it possible that the ISY 994i is not working properly?

Need some ideas of where to go from here, aside from abandoning the system.


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Have you removed them from the ISY and did a factory reset and re-added them.  Be sure to write down the Address of the device and verify it on the device itself.  If you already did that, try moving the ISY & PLM to the same room if possible and try it.  

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I unplugged both the PLM and the ISY and followed this procedure:

• Unplug ISY from the power outlet
• Unplug the PLM from ISY and power outlet
• Connect ISY’s port A to the new PLM
• Plug the new PLM into a power outlet
• Plug ISY into a power outlet
• Go to Admin Console and wait for system initialization to complete
o If you have PRO Series, click on the Battery icon at the top. This will prevent ISY from trying to update programming on your RF devices which are probably in sleep mode
• Click on the Restore Modem (PLM) menu option

Are you suggesting I factory reset the ISY and restore the backup or is there a reset procedure for the new PLM?


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No, you should remove the devices(switches or plug in modules) that are not working from the ISY software, factory reset the devices(switches or plug in modules) and re-add it to the ISY and try to control it from the console.  Remembering to write down the addresses of the devices you are removing and checking them against to device itself.

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Thank you. Again, this is something that I inherited from a home we bought and was working up until recently.

Just about all the "devices" are wired wall switches for lights with a small slider underneath. 

Any other way I can check to see if the ISY is functioning properly?

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39 minutes ago, MacWorks said:

Thank you. Again, this is something that I inherited from a home we bought and was working up until recently.

Just about all the "devices" are wired wall switches for lights with a small slider underneath. 

Any other way I can check to see if the ISY is functioning properly?


Can you offer a picture for us to review?

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10 minutes ago, MacWorks said:

O.K. Are they useable or is this my issue? They won't work with the ISY 994i? Completely in the dark here.

Yes, they will operate but requires more work to do so. X-10 was the grand father of the whole home automation industry. The first thing (assuming nothing is broken) I would do is unplug every electrical device in the home and see if you're able to control the switch(s).

Keeping in mind this assumes you have completed the back up and the device is in the system with correct *house address*.

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18 minutes ago, MacWorks said:

Thanks. So you are saying that it's possible that one item plugged into the system could cause an issue? Additionally, are there replacements for these that are more reliable and cost effective?

Absolutely, your home has and is using 1970 technology and the latest Insteon hardware is leaps and bounds more reliable and offer more capability. When finance allows do consider replacing a few switches to see and enjoy the performance and reliability. 


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Are you familiar with a device commonly know as a “phase coupler”?  Have you seen one around the house?  It might be plugged into a 240v outlet somewhere.  It might be wired in near the circuit panel.  It is hard for me to imagine this X10 stuff working without one.

I am also curious from which version you migrated.  I recall special procedures if coming from a software version older than a certain version.

given that your devices appear to be X10, I think it might be helpful to see a screenshot of you device listing.  It also might be useful to know if you have the x10 software module installed.

I might be willing to do a teamviewer session, but not sure I will have the time today.


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If you have any X10 Coupler/Repeaters coupling the two incoming AC Lines. They can sometimes see the end part of an Insteon power line message as an X10 one. Sending a false X10 message on the power lines. Sometimes causing Insteon issues.

If you have a passive type between the two incoming AC Lines they will couple Insteon commands just fine.

The PLW01 is a X10 Pro two wire dimmer. Made for incandescent loads only.  All the Insteon modules except the 2474D two wire decorator style  require a Neutral connection. So if you want to exchange the old X10Pros for Insteon . Check for a Neutral power connection in the back of the switch box as the X10Pro ones did not need a Neutral. The 2474D dimmer is for incandescent loads but you would not need a Neutral.

Here is a link to Jeff's X10 great troubleshooting tutorials.  http://jvde.us/x10_troubleshooting.htm

If you do not have a passive coupler between the incoming power lines. It may help X10. Jeff's XTB-IIR is a super repeater that also respects Insteon and will  not step on it and blasts a over 10 Volt X10 signal on both power lines. That said it is far from cheap but everyone {including myself}  found it cured our X10 problems.

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Read Jeff's tutorials. May give you good information.

If the PLM is connected to a power strip with noise filtering in it. It would effect all the X10 and Insteon power line commands. Same for the AC Input of an UPS. Sucks up power line signals. I have mine on a FilterLinc and the PLM in the unfiltered pass through outlet on the front.

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If you have any plug-in devices, perhaps you could move one to the same outlet as the PLM.  Once there, try to turn it on/off from the admin console.  If the PLM is showing connected (tools>>>diagnostics>>>PLM info/status) and everything seems to be working, my best guess is that there is some electronic device newly introduced or having failed that is causing interference.  

Do the programs record having been run on schedule (programs tab, summary, look at last run).  If you look at the programs, so any of them have lines device "not defined"?

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