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Upgrade from 4.6.2


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8 hours ago, upstatemike said:

I know I saw a post someplace (back in January) with detailed steps to upgrade directly from 4.6.2 to the current 5.x version but I can't find it now. Can somebody point me to it? No Z-Wave, just Insteon, Alexa, and Elk M1 to deal with.

Maybe this:

With no Z-Wave, it's not that big of a deal.  You might have to re-save some programs, and make sure you note which programs you have that are disabled before you upgrade -- the "disabled" bit doesn't seem to always survive the upgrade.  Additionally, any programs that you have that use the "adjust scene" functionality will have to be rewritten, as that functionality went through a major improvement.

After you upgrade, look for programs that have "yellow" icons.  They'll need your attention.

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+1 Was going to respond with the same link.  

Note the Insteon Thermostat problem if that's relevant for you ?

While I think the upgrade can be simple, I like the list here.  First do a backup and then grab everything you can (screenshots, copy and paste, etc.) from EVERYTHING and EVERY tab in the admin console before you upgrade.  Include a copy to clipboard of "my programs" folder before and after, and ideally put them into a spreadsheet or someplace that you can compare syntax verbatim and line by line to find potential problems...


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