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I have been using an EZIO8SA setup to run my irrigation system.  Due to a recent lightning strike and the end of the climate module I am rebuilding my home irrigation system.  I've enjoyed the flexibility of the ISY solution because it solves some issues with water supply that we experience.  I am looking at all of my options moving forward.

The problem....  

The house is on a well.  We have a 500 gallon tank inside the house that gets filled by the well pump.  Inside the house we have 2 jet pumps that service domestic water and irrigation/outside water separately.  When the tank level is below half, the irrigation/outside water pump is turned off.  This ensures that the well has time to recover during periods of heavy demand, like irrigation.

The irrigation system programming was designed to pause itself when the irrigation pump turned off.  It would resume the current zone when the water supply was restored and then continue normally.  It put down about 0.1" of water in each zone and then repeat the program until the water requirement from the climate module was satisfied.  The grass has never been better since this system started working.

I own an older EZFLORA and may rebuild based on that platform.  However, I bought 2 more EZFLORAs and my ISY is reporting that they are unsupported devices.  I was perusing the boards for a solution when I came across the RainMachine and thought I should add that to my options.

I am homeowner with enough knowledge and experience to be dangerous, not a developer.  I would prefer not to be writing code outside of the ISY environment.  I just purchased a Polisy and I am working through the upgrade of my ISY to the last 5.0.X version.  I see that there is a node for the RainMachine.

Can the RainMachine handle the pause based on an input and resume where it left off? Is there another commercial device that would be better suited?  Any concerns about the EZFlora?  Or should I go back to the EZIO8SA setup?


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1. ISY firmware upgrade complete 4.7.5 to 5.0.16 (easy, no issues)

2. Polisy installed and talking

3. EZFlora modules working

4. programs updated to new module outputs 

Now it’s time to select a weather node server. Need one that has an irrigation requirement like the climate module.

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Holy cow this has been easy.  Hate to jinx it but...

Darksky is installed.  Forecasts are appearing in the ISY. Eto is working.

Need to figure out how to accrue daily evapotranspiration and then decrease requirement with each pass of the irrigation system like the climate module does.

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