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Upgrade / Fallback instructions

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I'm currently running V4.7.5 and am thinking of upgrading to 5.0.16c but am hesitant to do so because every time I upgrade, it takes me days to get back to a working system and that is when I'm  upgrading from a V4.x.x system to a higher V4.x.x system.  I have read many posts in this forum about upgrading to V5 and there are a lot of conflicting instructions and what seems to be a lot of problems with programs and devices.  Also, I want to know "exactly" how to fall back to V4.7.5 if everything goes south with the V5 upgrade.  I have a lot of different modules from old X10 to Insteon and Z-Wave.  Can someone write up an all inclusive upgrade / fallback post which gives step by step instructions.  It should also include problems I'm likely to encounter and what I need to do to fix them.  If I've missed a post that gives this information, I'd love to know how to find it.  Thanks.

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