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The right way to set up insteon lights, buttons, scenes

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Gradually delving deeper into my automation setup but I want to make sure I'm not making any fundamental mistakes while I've only got a few devices to potentially correct :-)  Hope you folks can tell me if I'm going horribly wrong or not :-)

I have a Living Room light connected to a SwitchLinc Dimmer, the goal is that it will also be controllable from buttons on 3 separate KeypadLincs (only 1 currently connected).  It'll also be controllable from Google Home and/or Alexa (currently only gotten to the point of setting up with Google Home, Alexa's still in her box).   

I have two scenes set up as follows... ( dev is the light itself on the switchlinc, btn is (one of the) keypadlinc buttons elsewhere in the room )...


And the following 2 programs...

1.png.bd8990558a77e7001afe114bcacc76ac.png  2.png.8f52723f679e357d4b31ee36f49f9dd3.png

This seems to handle the basic goal of having the light come on when activated from either (multiple) locations, and have all the buttons light up appropriately.  

That said there are a few challenges...
a) if I add the device to google home I'm able to turn on/off and dim but the keypadlinc buttons don't get updated "turn on the living room light,   living room light on,   living room light 50%" phrases all work fine.
b) if I instead add the scene to google home I'm able to turn on/off and the keypadlinc buttons get updated, but I can't dim.  Also and probably related to either ISY or Google's handling of the scene vs. device I have to voice "turn on the living room light", if i voice "living room light on" it responds that the device hasn't been set up.  Just kind of awkward that both phraseologies work for the device, but only one of them works for the scene. 
c) Is there any way to dim or brighten the light from the remote keypadlincs (using some sort of push and hold idea)... or would I just have to define a separate button for 50% for example?
d) Is it possible to also set this up so that a 2nd switchlinc dimmer would be able to control the light (as opposed to and/or in addition to a keypadlinc button).

A lot of complexity for one light, but I figure if I can get all of the idiosyncrasies and limitations figured out on this first one, I'm not going to be banging my head when it comes to laying out the rest of the devices. 

Thanks for whatever input you have... good, bad or indifferent :-)




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I agree with lilyoyo1.  No programs needed.  Put all devices (dimmer, three buttons) in a single scene, all as controllers.  If you want a second switchlinc, add it to the scene as well.  Yes, push-and-hold keypad buttons will dim/brighten the scene devices.  Yes, make sure you add this SCENE to google home, not any of the individual switches, or buttons.

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