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Portal Maintenance - Broadcast Message


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I've been tracking several threads with respect to maintenance for various services for the company. I believe the take away from some users is there needs to be multiple paths of communications to the end clients. As the pain point for some is not always coming to the UDI forum to find out about the same. May I humbly suggest a three prong approach such as these in hopes of reduced service requests and low customer satisfaction:

Forum Message: This is already being done but a longer lead time for some would be great to see.

Email Broadcast: The vast majority of clients have already signed up to receive news releases and updates. I know when receiving an email from UDI 100% of the time its related to large milestone for the company with respect to features / services. The other is related to support service tickets which are extremely rare for many of us. Regardless, a group broadcast for a pending maintenance or service outage would be great.

ISY Series Controller: It's apparent to me the company has the ability to push notifications or status of the various systems / services. Perhaps the team could implement a service down / pending maintenance window message in the portal tab. As this would at least inform the user why Alexa / Home isn't operating as expected.

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