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Polisy won't update to 2.2.10


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1 hour ago, gspitale said:

It says the update is available, and acts like it performs the update, but reboots and says Version Status is 2.2.9-5.

Am I doing it wrong or is this a bug somewhere?

I went through the same issue. Apparently you should not do this upgrade and stay with 2.2.9-5.  I was also recommended to uncheck the option for beta upgrades of Polisy.

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I'm on version 2.2.8.  I have the same issue. Should I also turn off beta upgrades and just stay at 2.2.8.?

EDIT: I followed guide from another thread as:



When this happens to me (not in several months though), I Login to Polisy via Putty (ssh) then:

sudo pkg update && sudo pkg upgrade.

When this finishes,

sudo reboot


Now, my Polisy shows Frontend Version: 2.2.9-5

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