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Lost Portal Connectivity? Expired?


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@Michel Kohanim @bmercier @Chris Jahn

Starting last night, not sure of exact time, I am no longer able to control anything via Alexa/Google.  Admin Console shows that I am connected to the portal and "Online".  Going to ISY Portal it shows "green" connected but says "ISY is not online" if I try to do anything with Alexa/Google. Also, I can only log into the ISY via local IP and not via the portal.

Looking at my license, it shows "no expiry" however it is 5/1/19 for both.  Did I expire?  I didn't get any emails letting me know I was.






Portal Login.jpeg

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2 minutes ago, Michel Kohanim said:


Thank you and apologies. We had a bug wherein some got perpetual licenses! So, that was fixed. I also responded to your ticket.

With kind regards,

Fantastic...thank you as always.  I am back online!

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