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I broke the portal.


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I made the mistake of going down the Mobilinc path.  In order to try it I needed to deactivate the ISY Portal and attempt to activate the Mobilinc portal.  This broke all of my Alexa stuff.  I tried to actually purchase Mobilinc to gain access to the Alexa stuff but their "subscription" process appears to be broken or doesn't work on my setup.  An inquiry to Mobilinc support was not responded to.  

In any case, I am trying to move back but having trouble getting the Isy portal reactivated.  Here is what I have done;

1) Deactivated my Mobilinc purchase

2) Deactivated and reactivated the ISY Portal Module Purchase

3) Upgraded to the latest RC firmware.

4) Rebooted a dozen times

5) Deleted and attempted to activate my ISY using the UUID in the ISY Portal

6) Confimed local and exeternal web access using my firewall port forward rules

7) Attempted to find the "enable access" tab in the Admin Console


Any suggestions?

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I filed a ticket and I got back a response with a link to the wiki which I had already followed.   I am hoping someone here can help as the support approach didn't resolve my issue.  

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